We love coffee at DataSift, and we love getting our coffee from Starbucks. So we built a live infographic using DataSift Demographics to show a breakdown of who's talking about Starbucks in the last 24 hours.

Coffee enthusiasts have talked about Starbucks

mentions of Starbucks on Twitter. Using Demographics, we get an anonymized breakdown of the audience that is discussing Starbucks.

Are bigger Starbucks fanatics

Who loves coffee more? So far, % of the Tweets are from . Surprising? On average, we have found that women show Starbucks more love than men.


The average age range is

DataSift Demographics classifies the user within an age-range. Age ranges include 16 and under, 17-19, 20-24, 25-30... 60-65, etc.


People in

Are crazy about Starbucks! So far people have mentioned Starbucks. also loves their Starbucks. In a close second, people in have mentioned Starbucks.

Did you know

Is typically the most popular restaurant for people mentioning Starbucks